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Clownfish Picture

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This shot of a clownfish was taken at an LFS, a great capture when you consider the lighting in the tank and the use of
an on camera speedlight.

The fish is caught in a nice pose, and the photo is sharp and in focus.
The colour on the Clownfish is nicely highlighted, a lovely photo!

Photo by: Celtic Fins

Clownfish Picture


Green Severum

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This is a fantastic capture of a beautiful Green Severum.

The use of overhead lighting and fill in flash from the front, set at around half power really captures the fish in it’s full glory.

It is a super sharp shot, beautifully lit with a great DOF.

a photograph anyone would be proud of!
Photo by: Rich311k

green severum


Spotted Shark Picture

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The way this photo is cropped really shows the shark of to it’s full potential.

The photo was taken at an LFS and considering the lighting in the tank

It is a very good capture, nicely in focus, sharp and with a nice DOF.

Picture by: Celtic Fins

Spotted shark


Pencil fish picture

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This is a fantastic example of how to shoot small difficult subjects.

The detail captured is top class and the colours are perfect.

Considering the photo was taken with a regular on board flash it is no mean feat, Sharp, in focus with a great DOF. brilliant shot!

Photo by: kate

pencilfish photo


Frontosa Picture

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This is a good example of a male Burundi Frontosa, the photo was taken with an sb800 speedlight triggered remotely over the fish.

The use of the overhead lighting eliminates shadows and really brings out the lovely blue hue in the finnage.

A nice sharp photo of a very nice Cichlid!

Photo By: Mike (brookfish)

frontosa picture