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Hi and welcome to fish photo forum. Fish photo forum is a forum devoted to the art of photographing fish and is a great place to learn how to take better pictures of fish. You are also welcome to post and discuss none fish related pictures. In the forum you will find a lot friendly individuals that can help you by given tips on how you can improve your photo skills when taking pictures above and below the water level.

Fish photo forum also have a magazine section where you can read about almost everything photo related even though we try to keep the focus towards underwater photography. In this section you read about different photography techniques, find tips & tricks to taking better pictures and read reviews of different camera models. We update our online magazine with new articles often so make sure to check back every now and again.

Do you want your article published on fish photo forum? If so you are very welcome to send it to us via email. We use editorial discretion and only publish articles that are photography related and that we feel will contribute something to our readers. You are allowed to include a few words about yourself and one link at the end of the article.

We hope you will like it.


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